Muzo Muzings

The dos and don’ts of Christmas music in retail

16 Nov 2011


  • Just have one or two CDs – it will drive your staff insane.
  • Play Slade et al, if it wouldn’t suit your environment the rest of the year.
  • Start too early, 1st December is ideal, last couple of weeks of November if your trading periods demand it


  • Play popular tracks, your customers will want to sing-a-long.
  • Also play some less well known songs, it’ll break the familiarity for your staff.
  • Choose something brand-appropriate.
  • Gradually increase the percentage of Christmas music week by week
  • Sign up to Muzo
    (sorry for the blatent plug but… a service from a professional company, who has already spent the time and money finding the largest most diverse selection of festive music out there will save you a massive headache this Christmas (as long as it’s not an eggnog induced one!)

We are family

16 Nov 2011

If Headland Media Retail is the tolerant and indulgent parent of elder siblings, Headland Studios and Headland Unsigned, (which it is) then – to further exploit the family analogy – Muzo is the new baby!

Like any new child, Muzo is about to absorb all of this musical family’s attention and focus for the foreseeable future.

We hope you all enjoy playing with Muzo, he’s loads of fun and will bring a smile to even the most frowny face.

We’re going to love Muzo unconditionally despite, or because of, all the little quirks, but we also want YOU to love Muzo; so if our child is misbehaving in anyway, please do let us know, so we can correct the errant behaviour and help mould our offspring into a model musical citizen.

Yours brimming with pride

Headland Media Retail (Muzo’s Mummy)