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Muzo’s Ultimate St. George’s Day Playlist

23 Apr 2013

As a tongue in cheek homage to the great English music past and present, and St. George’s Day – the day of the year all the Irish pretend to be English and drink John Smiths…oh wait! We’ve created the Ultimate St. George’s Day Playlist.

So get yourself comfortable with a cup of tea, some fish and chips and anything else stereotypically English, and let Harry, England and St. George guide you through our Ultimate St. George’s Day Playlist.

William Blake – Jerusalem:

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The benefits of using a music for business service in your restaurant.

04 Apr 2013

For many people, going to a restaurant is no longer just about the food. Customers expect an experience, which requires restaurant owners to put just as much time and effort into their décor and ambience as they do into their menu. Music can play a huge part in helping create the right ambiance, but putting together the perfect playlist can be an intimidating and time-consuming task. Many restaurant owners have opted to turn to businesses that supply specific playlists that allow restaurant owners to have music at their disposal to create the ambience they require. We take a look at how these companies serve up the perfect sound.
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