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‘Super Spooky’ Halloween Playlist!

31 Oct 2013

So you’ve made your costume, got those sugary treats out ready for ‘goblin’ and carved your pumpkin. Now all you need to do is prepare some delectable ear candy to kickstart your Halloween celebrations. To ensure you don’t miss a single graveyard smash, we’ve created a super spooky Halloween Playlist!

When it comes to creating a Halloween Playlist, these are 10 songs that you wouldn’t want to be caught… dead… without!

“This is Halloween” – The Nightmare Before Christmas:

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The Benefits of Music for Business

23 Oct 2013

When customers walk into your restaurant, hotel, store, etc. what do they hear? Do they hear silence? Other customer’s conversations? Music provided by one of your staff iPods? Dull background music? Whatever they hear has an immediate effect on their perceptions of your restaurant, hotel, store, etc. If they don’t like the silence, they’ll feel awkward. If they don’t like your music selection, they won’t like the ambience, if they don’t like the ambience, they won’t enjoy their experience. One way to try ensuring your customers feel more relaxed and retain control over people’s perception is to have a dedicated music for business service.

What is Music for Business?
A dedicated Music for business service is like your very own DJ who has created playlists after conducting years of research into what customers in restaurants, hotels, bars, gyms, stores etc. want to hear during their visit. It allows you to enhance your individual brand and cater to the interest of your customers in the simplest and most time saving way possible.
Here are some of the benefits to using a dedicated music for business service…
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How to determine if you’re playing the right music in your business

17 Oct 2013

Let’s say you’re a business owner or manager, and you’re running a modern restaurant, a specialist retail store or a 5 star hotel and spa. You play background music to improve/create the perfect atmosphere. But is it the correct background music for your business? Is there too much repetition, too many slow songs, and too many songs that don’t enhance the atmosphere? And can you guarantee that all the songs are profanity and derogatory content free? Yes, we agree there’s a lot to think about and you probably don’t know the answers as you’re busy enough running the business.

So here are some ways to help you easily determine whether you are playing the correct music in your business:

Do you like the music?

Businesses often reflect the owners, and usually the owner, manager, etc. puts his or her passion into the look and feel, the products and services, and music is part of that passion. If you as the owner feel that the music reflects the brand, that’s a strong connection, and employees and customers will feel the emotional connection that your music and brand has. Pick songs that you think are right because your instincts and direction should already be a big part of the brand.
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Power in the Hand of the Consumers and in-store music

11 Oct 2013

In the past, the traditional balance of power between retailer and consumer has always favoured the retailer. Over the last few decades however, this power has shifted to the consumer. The internet means that today, shoppers have access to more complete and transparent information. Search tools, comparison sites and mobile apps mean consumers no longer need to rely on retailers to find out the best deals, or to learn about a product’s specifications; they can make an informed decision on their own without stepping foot in a store. Once they’ve made a decision they can even have that product delivered right to their door, cutting the store out completely. They can then quickly and easily share their buying experience through social networking sites.

So in a world of internet savvy, price smart shoppers, where does this leave the retailer?
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