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The Importance of Music in Gyms

05 Mar 2014

The Importance of Music in Gyms

Not many people will be able to imagine working out without some kind of music; whether it’s to entertain or motivate them it’s an essential component of any gym. That’s why getting the music right is as important as if it were a 5 star hotel, high-end department store, chilled out bar or family friendly restaurant.

1. Music creates a motivational atmosphere

The right music in gyms has powerful motivational qualities that can help people throughout their workout. This is important for gyms as it creates an appealing and motivating atmosphere the moment customers enter and ensures they’re more likely to return. Research conducted in April 2012 amongst 2,000 gym goers found that more than half respondents would visit the gym less frequently if it didn’t play music*. If they visit less frequently, they’re less likely to continue their membership!
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