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Music For Restaurants – Makes Your Food Taste Better

15 Apr 2014

Listening to music while eating can enhance your experience and make your food taste better. But which genre has the biggest effect? Jazz, is the genre of background music that can affect how good something tastes, and in turn may impact on how much is eaten, research has revealed.

Researchers from the University of Arkansas played four types of music – classical, jazz, hip hop and rock – while people were eating.

Participants found that food was more satisfying when jazz music was played and less so when hip hop was playing in the background. There was no effect for rock or classical music.

‘People often consume more food and beverages in the presence of background music. Nevertheless, little attention has been paid to the overall influence of sound on sensory perception and acceptance of foods,’ researchers said.

The actual reasons why jazz and hip hop had such effect on people eating were unclear. But nevertheless music is an important component of any restaurant, as it helps customer feel more relaxed, fills any empty feeling spaces and ultimately provides a richer, more engaging dining experience.

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