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Music For Restaurants – Makes Your Food Taste Better

15 Apr 2014

Listening to music while eating can enhance your experience and make your food taste better. But which genre has the biggest effect? Jazz, is the genre of background music that can affect how good something tastes, and in turn may impact on how much is eaten, research has revealed.

Researchers from the University of Arkansas played four types of music – classical, jazz, hip hop and rock – while people were eating.

Participants found that food was more satisfying when jazz music was played and less so when hip hop was playing in the background. There was no effect for rock or classical music.

‘People often consume more food and beverages in the presence of background music. Nevertheless, little attention has been paid to the overall influence of sound on sensory perception and acceptance of foods,’ researchers said.

The actual reasons why jazz and hip hop had such effect on people eating were unclear. But nevertheless music is an important component of any restaurant, as it helps customer feel more relaxed, fills any empty feeling spaces and ultimately provides a richer, more engaging dining experience.

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The Importance of Music in Gyms

05 Mar 2014

The Importance of Music in Gyms

Not many people will be able to imagine working out without some kind of music; whether it’s to entertain or motivate them it’s an essential component of any gym. That’s why getting the music right is as important as if it were a 5 star hotel, high-end department store, chilled out bar or family friendly restaurant.

1. Music creates a motivational atmosphere

The right music in gyms has powerful motivational qualities that can help people throughout their workout. This is important for gyms as it creates an appealing and motivating atmosphere the moment customers enter and ensures they’re more likely to return. Research conducted in April 2012 amongst 2,000 gym goers found that more than half respondents would visit the gym less frequently if it didn’t play music*. If they visit less frequently, they’re less likely to continue their membership!
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Muzo Review: BRIT Awards 2014

20 Feb 2014

Arctic Monkeys’ Alex Turner claimed victory for rock ‘n’ roll over ‘sludge’, Beyoncé made a surprise performance – and James Corden does his best dad dancing – Muzo reviews the BRIT Awards.

The biggest night in British music took place at London’s O2 Arena last night and as well as a host of top prizes being handed out, there were some pretty spectacular live performances.

This year’s show had it all; Arctic Monkeys’ Alex Turner described a triumph for rock ‘n’ roll, emerging from the ‘sludge’ and the swamp – call us cryptic but we think that he was referring to those One Direction boys. Who like Arctic Monkeys scooped two awards (all be it Arctic Monkeys claimed the most prestigious gongs). David Bowie was named Best British Male Solo Artist, and in a too cool for school no show – according to Noel Gallagher – sent model Kate Moss to collect his award. Sensible no show more like, tucked up at home like any respectable 67 year old on a ‘school night’.

And at least he spared us his dad dancing, which was left to James Corden – who duly obliged, of course!
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BRIT Awards 2014: Muzo’s Winners Predictions

18 Feb 2014

Ahead of the year’s biggest British music event, Muzo take a look and tip which artists we think will take home the top prizes

The BRIT Awards 2014 is almost upon us and the best musical talent right now will be competing to take home a winning gong.

It’s been another fantastic year for British music, and with the likes of Bastille, One Direction, John Newman and Disclosure all up for multiple awards, it’s set to be a spectacular pop music battle at London’s O2 Arena.

Before this year’s crop of winners are revealed, on Wednesday 19th February, check out Muzo’s predictions for who will walk away from the BRIT Awards 2014 a winner:

British Male Solo Artist:
• John Newman
• Jake Bugg
Tom Odell
• David Bowie
• James Blake
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Valentine’s Day Playlist

13 Feb 2014

Valentine's Day Playlist

Whether you’re celebrating new love, old love or no love, what would Valentine’s be without the perfect track list to set a romantic atmosphere, pull on those heartstrings or have you grabbing the tissues while cradling that favourite teddy he or she bought you? Here at Muzo we’ve put our heads together to bring you a collection of our favourite love songs from across the music-sphere; from heartfelt hits to cheesy ballads we’ve got them all. We hope you enjoy listening to them as much as we did putting them together…

Happy Valentine’s from everyone at Muzo!

Stand By Me – Ben E. King:

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Fantastic, live-looped, one man cover of TLC’s ‘No Scrubs’

06 Feb 2014

The ridiculously talented Elijah Aaron has gone viral after transforming late-90’s R&B hit ‘No Scrubs’, with the aid of his loop machine. He brings the TLC smash hit to life with this one man cover … enjoy!

We hope you enjoyed the video and if you have any insanely good viral videos to share or you’d like to let us know what your thought of Elijah’s cover head over to our Twitter and Facebook pages.

Romantic Music in Your Business – To Play or Not to Play

05 Feb 2014

We can’t believe it either – February, already!? The first month of the year has already flown by in a heartbeat, and talking of heartbeats, February also means the start of the two week run up to Valentine’s Day for businesses. Love it or hate it, the amount of people booking restaurants, hotels, buying their sweethearts chocolates, flowers and giant teddy bears will be almost unavoidable wherever you go. So should you be playing romantic music in your business to get those hearts fluttering, or will it just annoy everyone else?

Like many holidays in the year it can be a difficult question to answer when it comes to acknowledging them in your business. It’s no secret that Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest events in the calendar and therefore the perfect opportunity for increased sales if you get it right. This is why music is a perfect way to enhance holidays such as Valentine’s; it’s not as intrusive or obvious as roses everywhere or aisles of red and pink, but it’s just as, if not more, effective. The right music can get people thinking without even realising it, having the power to take minds away from the hustle and bustle of the shops to a more relaxing and comfortable state of mind – especially with romantic music. As we’ve looked at before, the amount of benefits this positive mindset of customers has on sales is almost uncountable, from increasing dwell time to inspiring extra purchases.

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Music for Hotels – A Perfect Playlist

23 Jan 2014

75% of hotel guests like to hear music in the lobbies, bars, restaurants and public spaces*

There is no single perfect playlist for a hotel and compiling a specific playlist takes time, money and understanding. When creating a playlist you have to understand the hotel brand, its location, guests demographic, etc. in order to create an atmosphere where guests feel relaxed and can’t help but enjoy themselves.

Due to the nature of a hotel a single playlist throughout the hotel doesn’t work. Music that keeps guests in the bar at night usually has higher beats per minute, and will annoy breakfast dinners who may have just woken up. This is a mistake that hotels make more often than you might think. It usually occurs when the hotels owners/managers do not fully understand the importance music has to the hotel and/or allow their staff to manage the music, which results in the staff playing music they like rather than music that fits the hotel and is suitable.
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Incredible Postmodern Themed Pop Music Mashup

15 Jan 2014

Brilliant postmodern themed pop music mashup – pays an unforgettable tribute to the most popular songs of 2013, including Miley Cyrus and Ylvis as though they were released in the ’40s.

We stumbled across Postmodern Jukebox, a YouTube sensation created by Scott Bradlee who create old-school twists on modern pop music, just the other day and we are so glad we did.

This latest mashup, turns back time to the 1940’s, mixing up modern 2013 pop music with healthy doses of doo-wop-doo-wops.

Old-school broadcasting microphones, clothing and a jazzy band take centre stage as the mashup cycles right from “Ragtime Blurred Lines” to “Motown Roar”, while including “Jazz The Fox” along the way.

Incredibly, the entire video, which includes a big cast and big sound, was done in one take. Looking back at some of their previous videos, Postmodern Jukebox never fails to wow people with their clever and creative re-imagined covers, but we think this mashup is an absolute gem.

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Brit Awards 2014: Nominations Revealed

10 Jan 2014

Disclosure and Bastille scoop four nominations each, while Arctic Monkeys and David Bowie are also both up for two.

Yes it’s that time of year again…The Brit Awards are coming up and London group Bastille and electro brothers Disclosure lead the way with four nominations each after Thursdays (9th January) launch event. While electronic music quartet Rudimental and Ellie Goulding each have three. Sheffield’s Arctic Monkeys and music legend David Bowie, who turned 67 on Wednesday, both have two nominations.

World-conquering boy band One Direction also has two nominations, for British single and British group. While the international categories, include the likes of Drake, Eminem, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Justin Timberlake.

The Brit Awards 2014, Britain’s equivalent of the Grammys, will be handed out in a concert-style ceremony at London’s magnificent O2 Arena on February 19th. See the full list of Brit Nominations:
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