Music for Hotels – A Perfect Playlist

23 Jan 2014

75% of hotel guests like to hear music in the lobbies, bars, restaurants and public spaces*

There is no single perfect playlist for a hotel and compiling a specific playlist takes time, money and understanding. When creating a playlist you have to understand the hotel brand, its location, guests demographic, etc. in order to create an atmosphere where guests feel relaxed and can’t help but enjoy themselves.

Due to the nature of a hotel a single playlist throughout the hotel doesn’t work. Music that keeps guests in the bar at night usually has higher beats per minute, and will annoy breakfast dinners who may have just woken up. This is a mistake that hotels make more often than you might think. It usually occurs when the hotels owners/managers do not fully understand the importance music has to the hotel and/or allow their staff to manage the music, which results in the staff playing music they like rather than music that fits the hotel and is suitable.

69% feel hotel music is an important factor in creating hotel atmosphere*

It’s important that your hotel plays the right music for the time of day to ensure guests are kept happy. For example play music genres such as classical, modern instrumental, nu jazz and so on, which have a lower beats per minute, during breakfast. It’s also important that you’re playing the right music in specific areas of your hotel. For example throughout the lobby/reception vocals should be kept to a minimum, as they can be distracting and make it more difficult to speak to staff.

61% are more likely to consume more food and drink when they hear music they like in a hotel*

Research shows that playing the right music in areas such as bars, restaurants, etc. has a positive impact on food and beverage sales. If the atmosphere in your hotel makes guests feel more relaxed they are more likely to linger and spend more money.

Here at Muzo we’ve spent months creating and perfecting specially designed music styles to make playing the right music throughout your hotel, regardless of the time of day, simple and effective.

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* Music for Hotels