Why You Shouldn’t Play Music in Your Business Without A Clear Vision

10 Sep 2013

If you’re a business owner and you’ve decided you want to play music in your business then you’ve made a smart decision, but if you don’t have clear objectives for the music in your business then it becomes less smart.

The reason for that is music is such a powerful tool that if used without a clear vision can have adverse effects on your business and customers, for example it could alienate customers, cause offence or create an unsuitable atmosphere. For music to work effectively in your business you need a clear sense of what it is you would like to achieve with it, is it purely to avoid silence? Is it to create a certain atmosphere? Let’s take a look at some possible objectives…


Objective: To differentiate from competitors

With music suited specifically to your business, you can differentiate your business from competitors, giving your customers a unique experience and your business a competitive edge.

Staff morale

Objective: To improve staff morale

Staff are key to any business and customer facing environment. Happy staff are more productive, project a better image of themselves and your business and have a positive effect on customers. Music is a proven way to motivate staff by providing entertainment during shifts.

Make customers stay longer

Objective: To make customers spend longer in your business

Music can be used to create a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere that customers feel comfortable in, and therefore want to spend time in, and the longer customers spend in your business, the more likely they are to purchase.


Objective: To create a sense of privacy

Music can help create a sense of privacy in your business by providing a distraction and masking conversations. This is particularly relevant for environments where customers don’t want to feel like others are listening in, like a bank, pharmacy or restaurant for example. This will ultimately make customers feel more relaxed and comfortable in your business.

Music is a versatile medium and when used correctly, you can achieve some amazing things. A specialised music service like Muzo also eliminates the risk of profanity and unsuitable content, giving you peace of mind that the music in your business is exactly what your customers want to hear.

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