How to determine if you’re playing the right music in your business

17 Oct 2013

Let’s say you’re a business owner or manager, and you’re running a modern restaurant, a specialist retail store or a 5 star hotel and spa. You play background music to improve/create the perfect atmosphere. But is it the correct background music for your business? Is there too much repetition, too many slow songs, and too many songs that don’t enhance the atmosphere? And can you guarantee that all the songs are profanity and derogatory content free? Yes, we agree there’s a lot to think about and you probably don’t know the answers as you’re busy enough running the business.

So here are some ways to help you easily determine whether you are playing the correct music in your business:

Do you like the music?

Businesses often reflect the owners, and usually the owner, manager, etc. puts his or her passion into the look and feel, the products and services, and music is part of that passion. If you as the owner feel that the music reflects the brand, that’s a strong connection, and employees and customers will feel the emotional connection that your music and brand has. Pick songs that you think are right because your instincts and direction should already be a big part of the brand.

Do your employees like the music?

After all, it’s important that your employees like the music as they have to listen to it far more than your customers do. But obviously their tastes can’t override your businesses’ brand and your customer’s needs. You’ll be surprised at how your employees tastes coincide with your brand, and that’s probably part of why they work for you – they understand and like your brand. And most importantly happy employees equal better service, higher productivity, lower staff turnover and happy customers.

Do your customers like the music?

You know a lot about your customer’s habits, lifestyles, etc. that’s why you’re selling to them. But do you know what music they like? And if they like the music you’re currently playing? It’s ok to ask your customers, formally or informally, to find out ‘what do they think of the music in your business’, and ‘what music would they enjoy listening to in your business’. Interacting with your customers can benefit in multiple ways and ensure they’re kept happy, which means they spend more time in your business, recommend your business to others, and are more likely to return.

Don’t be afraid to experiment

If the music you’re playing sounds a bit dated, too fast, too slow, etc. try something different. This sounds simple enough, but many business owners find it a daunting task and don’t even try, but this can have a negative effect on your business and should be addressed. You might experiment a bit after hours, or during slower business hours which allows you to pay more attention to the sound and feel of the music playing. Whatever you do, don’t just look at song titles, artists, etc. because this will not truly reflect the atmosphere you’re trying to create.

Choosing the music in your business can be a difficult and time consuming task, but it’s important that you get it right and that’s why companies such as Muzo are available. We’ve heard good and bad music in business, we’ve seen and heard how the ‘wrong music’ can have a negative impact on your business and we’ve also heard how the ‘right music’ can transform your business and attract customers.

We hope you found this post useful; and remember if you’re worries about the music in your business we’re here to help! To find out more about our service and keep up to date with all Muzo’s muzings head over to our Twitter and Facebook pages.