The Benefits of Music for Business

23 Oct 2013

When customers walk into your restaurant, hotel, store, etc. what do they hear? Do they hear silence? Other customer’s conversations? Music provided by one of your staff iPods? Dull background music? Whatever they hear has an immediate effect on their perceptions of your restaurant, hotel, store, etc. If they don’t like the silence, they’ll feel awkward. If they don’t like your music selection, they won’t like the ambience, if they don’t like the ambience, they won’t enjoy their experience. One way to try ensuring your customers feel more relaxed and retain control over people’s perception is to have a dedicated music for business service.

What is Music for Business?
A dedicated Music for business service is like your very own DJ who has created playlists after conducting years of research into what customers in restaurants, hotels, bars, gyms, stores etc. want to hear during their visit. It allows you to enhance your individual brand and cater to the interest of your customers in the simplest and most time saving way possible.
Here are some of the benefits to using a dedicated music for business service…

Control the customer experience
The music playing in your restaurant, hotel, store etc. has a huge impact on the ‘feel’ of your premises, and is fundamental in creating the perfect experience for your customers. This is impossible to do if your staff play their own music, whether by CD, iPod or public radio.

Increase performance
The music you play in your restaurant, hotel, store etc. can have a significant impact on the ‘profitability’ of your restaurant, hotel, store etc. Playing the right music makes your premises more inviting to new customers, can increase the time a customer’s spends with you, ultimately increasing their overall spend and can leave a lasting impression, making customers more likely to return

Play by the rules and don’t offend your customers
If your staff are playing their own music can you guarantee that their music is profanity free to avoid unhappy offended customers? No, we thought you’d say that and did you also know that your own CD’s, iPod’s and even Spotify are not licensed to be used for commercial use? No, we thought you’d say that again. Choosing to use a music for business service will ensure a team of audio producers takes all that hassle (which you frankly don’t need) away. Meaning you have more time to complete more pressing issues, have unoffended customers and are completely legal.

We hope you found this post useful. Remember Muzo will be there to ensure selecting the perfect music for your restaurant, hotel, store etc. is as simple and effective as possible.

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