The benefits of using a music for business service in your restaurant.

04 Apr 2013

For many people, going to a restaurant is no longer just about the food. Customers expect an experience, which requires restaurant owners to put just as much time and effort into their décor and ambience as they do into their menu. Music can play a huge part in helping create the right ambiance, but putting together the perfect playlist can be an intimidating and time-consuming task. Many restaurant owners have opted to turn to businesses that supply specific playlists that allow restaurant owners to have music at their disposal to create the ambience they require. We take a look at how these companies serve up the perfect sound.

What is a specific music for business service, and how can it help restaurants create a better dining experience for their customers?

A music for business service is a carefully planned and easy-to-use program that helps restaurants differentiate themselves, enhance their customer experience and ultimately drive sales. As more restaurants are looking to excite all five of their customer’s senses, the right music is the key ingredient to provide a complete dining experience.

What mistakes do restaurant owners commonly make when choosing the music for their restaurant?

One of the most common mistakes restaurant owners make is allowing their own music preferences to take precedence, before taking into consideration what their customers want to hear. Another is allowing members of staff to take charge of the music, which is more likely to have a negative effect on customers, as the music may not be suitable and contain profanities. Restaurant owners, chef-owners, managers, etc are brilliant at designing menus and the general day-to-day running of the restaurant, but they should allow professionals to handle their music to maximise the impact on customers.

What type of music should restaurant owners consider playing?

Restaurant owners should firstly have a desired ambience in mind, taking into consideration their typical clientele, and choose a playlist that best creates this ambience and resonates emotionally with the customers.

Research has found that fast music increases the customer turnaround in restaurants, and slow music increases the individual customer’s spend. This is because loud, fast music increases arousal; meaning customers tend to eat faster. Similarly, slow music makes customers drink slower, eat fewer bites per minute and make them more likely to order that desert, coffee, etc.*

It’s therefore important that the music tempo, music type, etc is right in your restaurant. A music for business service has a vast library of music, featuring an array of licensed artists under studio labels as well as up-and-coming artists, bands, etc. and have the knowledge to suit particular music to specific environments. So you can be safe in the knowledge that your music is taken care of and your customers are happy!

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