The dos and don’ts of Christmas music in retail

16 Nov 2011


  • Just have one or two CDs – it will drive your staff insane.
  • Play Slade et al, if it wouldn’t suit your environment the rest of the year.
  • Start too early, 1st December is ideal, last couple of weeks of November if your trading periods demand it


  • Play popular tracks, your customers will want to sing-a-long.
  • Also play some less well known songs, it’ll break the familiarity for your staff.
  • Choose something brand-appropriate.
  • Gradually increase the percentage of Christmas music week by week
  • Sign up to Muzo
    (sorry for the blatent plug but… a service from a professional company, who has already spent the time and money finding the largest most diverse selection of festive music out there will save you a massive headache this Christmas (as long as it’s not an eggnog induced one!)