Your staff and their music: be aware!

18 Dec 2013

When the recent story about McDonald’s playing derogatory music content in one of their restaurants on a school morning hit the news*, customers were furious, upset and confused as to why this happened in a so-called ‘family-friendly’ environment.

Of course, it wasn’t McDonald’s or their supplier’s music that played out in the restaurant; it belonged to one of their staff who had their own player plugged into the PA system after a night shift and forgot to remove it before the morning service.

We often hear stories of this happening, and it’s something that business owners, managers, etc. need to become more aware of to prevent embarrassment or reputation-damaging press that can be the result of, as McDonald’s learnt, just one wrong song. Not only that, but by allowing staff to plug in their own media system or play their own music there is a risk of expensive equipment breaking and – depending on the content – it could mean that your business is breaching the conditions of your music license, which could lead to serious legal proceedings.

We advise all our customers to never let their staff plug in their own devices for these reasons and encourage business owners to avoid letting their staff control what music plays in their business. When it comes to music in your business – let the professionals handle it for you.

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