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Looking for more than a music only service?

You may be looking to achieve more than music from your audio service and KVHstudios have over 20 years of experience working with customers to meet their branding and communication needs. Whether you are looking to generate sales, keep your customers informed of new offers, train your colleagues or simply keep everyone entertained we will be able to help you. Visit KVHstudios or call us today on 0113 233 7800 to find out more.



Help me choose my music

Music for restaurants:

In the morning before you open, why not play something just for the staff to get them motivated for the day ahead, like Hot Hits for all the latest chart tracks, or Indie Anthems for a bit of a sing along.

When the restaurant is quiet, with only a few customers a cool, vocal-led style from the Relaxed category – like Neat Beats or Nu Chillout – is perfect.

When the restaurant is busy, something from the Background category – Easy Flow or Completely Classical – will create a calm atmosphere to help the staff stay relaxed and will ensure customers can enjoy conversation without the music intruding.


Music for Cafes

Neat Beats is a good all-rounder for a café vibe.  Dinner Jazz could add a bit more of a free-form flavour for the cool cats with their laptops. If you’re looking to create a retro atmosphere to go with your cupcakes and afternoon tea, select Vintage Chic for that refined 1940s feel.


Music for Bars:

Ooh, tricky one this – depends what kind of bar you’ve got.  Indie Anthems is going to get the young folk singing into their pints of ale, Dance Party will have the cocktail-massive hitting the floor. Future Disco is great for groovy movers and House Party will bring a more high-tempo bit of head-nodding.


Music for Health and Beauty Spas

In your treatment rooms, we would recommend that you only play ‘Natural Tones’.  It’s been specifically designed to be unobtrusive and to encourage complete relaxation with sounds from the natural world, so that your clients can switch off and enjoy their treatment without any unwanted audio interruptions.


In-store Music for Jewellers and Luxury retailers

Selling high-value products and items that are usually associated with a big occasion, we recommend that you choose ‘Completely Classical’ to create a sophisticated atmosphere.  It may sound cynical but research shows that creating the right atmosphere can encourage customers to pay more for their purchases.  [Read the full research piece here…]

How often is the music updated?

We’re  inserting new tracks into Muzo all the time – pretty much every day in fact.  All the new and pre-release pop stuff lands on the Head of Music’s desk on a Monday, so you should be hearing it by Tuesday evening.  Streams from Background and Relaxed are updated throughout the week, as the Music Gurus find cool tracks to add in and we’re always working on the back catalogue of retro styles like Vintage Chic.

How do I set a playlist in advance?

Log in to your account and select the site you’d like to pre-schedule the music for. Click edit my music and highlight/select the streams you’d like to play in each hour of the day/day of the week and click save changes.

How do I change my music instantly?

Clicking on any of the Streams in the Muzo download will automatically over-ride the pre-set schedule, unless you had ticked the option to ‘Disable Manual Stream Selection’ in Settings.

Who pays the licences on the music?

We’re fully licensed to provide the music service to you and we pay broadcast and dubbing licences to be able to do this.  You will need to pay PPL and PRS site licenses if you’re in the UK or a territory with a reciprocal agreement.

Find out more on the PPL and PRS/MCPS websites



What does ‘minimise to system tray’ mean?

Selecting ‘Minimise to system tray’ means that when you click the top right-hand minimise (-) button on your full-sized Muzo player it will only appear as an icon on the notification area at the bottom right-hand side of your PC screen, rather than in the main task bar.  From here you can ‘right-click’ to change your Muzo stream without having to fire-up the full-size Muzo screen.  Double click on this icon to bring back the full-size Muzo screen.

What does ‘Disable Manual Stream Selection’ mean?

When you tick to ‘Disable Manual Stream Selection’ on your Muzo player this means that the function to manually over-ride the pre-selected schedule is disabled.  The main reason you  might want to do this is so that you can ensure that you have full-control over exactly what is playing in your site so that a member of staff can’t change it to listen to something different.  To re-allow the manual stream selection function, simply log back into the Muzo player with your Username and Password and untick the box and save settings.



My trial is complete, what do I do next?

Log into your Muzo Account and click (Sites). Click “Go Live” and complete the payment wizard.

My Site has expired how do I renew?

Log into your Muzo Account and click (Sites). Click on “Pay” next to the site you wish to renew.

How do I add a new site to my account?

Log into your Muzo Account and click (Sites). Click on “Add Site” and then complete the payment pages.

Account & Login


What is the term of my subscription?

12  months initially and then you can cancel at anytime afterwards with one-month’s notice.